A Few more Pictures from Mumbai

There are occasional public restrooms, some are for pay, and some are just urinals.

Fresh Meat

In the morning, trucks filled with live chickens stop for their daily delivery.

Some of the chickens are taken away by hand or bicycle.

Many are taken into the market and are immediately prepared to be sold.


Garbage cans are rare, and it is accepted to leave your garbage where you make it.

Many shop owners clean the area in front of their shops, but in Mumbai, there are pairs of city workers cleaning the streets in the mornings. One sweeps it together and the other uses two boards to pinch and lift the pile into his rolling cart.

Some trash is burned in the street.

Shops on Mumbai Streets

All day and into the evening, Mumbai shop owners sell their goods.

In the early morning the stands are still packed away from the night before. Every night all the stand owners put away and lock up their goods. Many of them even sleep near or on their stands.

Mumbai Traffic

The relationship between cars, pedestrians, and traffic laws is very different in India.

A Few more Pictures from Goa

Chalk art symbol of the devotional mantra: Om

Water Delivery

Ice Delivery

Old School Fishin'

Accepted Currency

Change is hard to come by in India. If you pay for something and require change, you may get a combination of bills, coins, and even candy. Most shops have a jar of candies on the counter they use to give change when they don't have enough small coins. Occasionally you can work together to give them an amount of money that they can make change for. Unfortunately, I could not pay for anything with candy.